2012 Sinclair Research X-1

Sinclair company has developed a new device on electricity for comfortable movement in urban environments.

Sinclair X-1

Another unit of Clive Sinclair is actually a bike with pedals, an electric motor and a small body with a roof, and in the device driver is placed in a reclining position.

Housing Carbon. Model was called Sinclair X-1. The motor is connected to the rear wheel. The handset also has built-in headlights and taillights. Lithium battery and weighs only 30 kg. As the front wheels and rear disc brakes are. Sami rims 16 of the radius.

2012 Sinclair Research X-1

And most importantly – the price of today’s “Sinclair” (the full model name Sinclair Research X-1) – only $850, and the first deliveries scheduled for July next year.


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