Neos – the concept of closed motorcycle with sidecar

Convincing three-wheeled concept of closed electric bike closed with a sidecar introduced a young and very talented Australian designer Daniel Munnink.

2011 neos motorcycle concept

As planned by the designer gets Neos electric bike LEDs and xenon optics, several cells of the external review, the system of GPS, ABS, ESC, airbags driver and passenger, as well as radio and MP-cassette recorder. Will be equipped with an electric motor, which when fully charged batteries can travel 260 km journey.

In addition, the Australian electric concept provides even seat belts! On the draft 24-year old Daniel had gone a year. After an intriguing computer model was developed by the present, but not yet working layout electric bike.

On whether it would be released Neos, and how much it will cost, the author has not yet reported.



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