Harley-Davidson Concept 2020

Harley-Davidson Concept 2020

This concept bike, which, according to the author, might well have produced over 10 years under the legendary brand Harley-Davidson, and would be able to attract the youth audience.

The author of the future motorcycle concept – designer Jonathan Russell – convinced that such a machine is able to bring fresh impetus to the company, heavy and bulky product which romp through the world for over a century.

future Harley Davidson Concept

The original frame, a pair of handles, a big engine, and the most interesting – a number of embedded technology lotions, which the authors simply have to be manufactured by Apple. Will it be built iPad, or something entirely new that will be in ten years, not specified.

Harley Davidson 2020

LCD screens well and unobtrusively integrated into the frame, and the dashboard – a sleek, fuel tank.

Why all this trendy filling it should be available under the brand Harley-Davidson, author of the idea does not specify. Apparently, just as he would like.

2020 harley-davidson Jonathan Russell


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