Concept Motorcycles – 2015 Honda CB 750

2015 Honda CB 750 is the concept motorcycle designed by Igor Chak. Till the present moment nobody has an idea will this concept bike be in production. In the same time a majority of design and motorcycle blogs mentioned 2015 Honda CB 750 as one of the most futuristic concepts ever made.

2015 Honda CB 750 Concept

Future Motorcycles - 2015 Honda CB 750

The idea of this bike concept is the restyling of Honda CB made in 1970s-80s. Four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine, six-speed dual-clutch transmission with electronic lurch and traction control, electronically adjusted rear/front electro-magnetic suspension, frame combined of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, aerodynamic rims…

2015 Honda CB 750  Prototype

All these things are finalized with the board computer controlled through multi-touch display located on the fuel tank.

Multi-touch screen of 2015 Honda CB 750

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