Concept motorcycle Brutus 750 EI

Brutus 750 EI is the creation of Italian designer and designer Alessandro Tartarini, son of the former motorcycle racer and founder of Italjet, Leopoldo Tartarini. Presented motorcycle Brutus 750 EI combines the features of a motorcycle and ATV. It is designed to overcome the serious off-road driving in snow, sand and God knows what kind of surfaces.

Brutus 750 EI Concept Motorcycle

ATV has a single-cylinder 750 cc engine with fuel injection system. Liquid-cooled 45 hp engine works with a two-speed CVT ( which is equipped with rear gear ). Offroad potential of Brutus 750 EI felt in every detail of the exterior. Furthermore, Alessandro Tartarini prepares an impressive list of accessories, including a carriage for passengers or cargo, a winch and a set of modifications to make Brutus true snowmobile.

Brutus 750 EI

The final version of Brutus 750 EI will appear in a few months.


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