2012 Honda Integra and new engine

Japanese Honda Motor introduced the official photo of the new maxi scooter, called Integra.
Earlier, the original version of this mid-sized machine was shown at the EICMA show in Milan last fall.

2012 Honda Integra

Was also represented by a completely new engine capacity of 700 cubic centimeters. This two-cylinder motor with parallel cylinders. It is intended to put on a few models, in particular, to three, which will be exhibited at EICMA-late fall 2011 in Milan.

This engine shows the fuel consumption of one liter per 27 kilometers, which is one of the best in the middle class (500 to 750ss).


Motor fits well with the lightweight transmission Dual Clutch Transmission of the second generation.

It is noteworthy that this engine will be placed on new maxiscooter, and it will be the biggest motor scooter in the world, not counting the 800-bottoms motor top versions Gilera 800.

Conceived, formerly known as New Mid, and now appearing as a production model from Honda Integra was first presented at the EICMA-Motobike Salon 2010 fall of last year in Milan. Believe in the company, this concept calls for the full review look at the familiar two-wheel drive. The concept combines innovative thinking and new technologies, offering the so-called multi-disciplinary car. Spirit of sport motorcycle and scooter comfort – these are the foundation for a completely new format for the road “on two wheels.” In this case the bike is a dynamic and fun to drive.

The engine, created by the latest technology, combined with a revolutionary gearbox Dual Clutch Transmission, which debuted at the Honda VFR1200F. Landing in the style of “legs extended forward,” is designed to add rider comfort, while at the same time give more protection from dirt roads. Also, the concept boasts a 17-inch wheels and a new design rear suspension PRO-LINK. The creators also promise stability at high speeds.


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