2011 Renard GT bike from Estonia

This very brutal V-Twin muscle-bike is the product of tiny motorcycle studio from Estonia. The name of this concept is Renard GT. A company from Estonia, Renard was originally founded in 1938 and lasted not for a very long time. In 1944 the building of its plant in Tallinn was hit by a bomb.

Renard GT - Estonian concept motorcycle

In 2008, an Estonian businessman with a group of local enthusiasts decided to revive the brand. And so was born Renard GT or completely Renard Grand Tourer.

Carbon monochrome bike weighs only 11 kg. As a restorative material was used Kevlar – to reduce vibration. Air filter and fuel tank are linked into one structure – exactly in the style of Buell.

Renard GT streetfighter Renard GT front and back

The motorcycle also boasts a fully adjustable shock absorbers Ohlins. Engine – Moto Guzzi V-Twin 1151 volume cube. By the way the profile is very similar to the bike motorcycles from Confederate Motorcycles. The price is not reported.

Engine of Renard GT

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