2011 Ducati Mega Monster – new details

A few more new details become known about the new giant from Ducati, which is currently undergoing testing and is the object of close attention to the many paparazzi.

2011 Ducati Mega Monster

So, make a few more spy photos. Now the car can be seen from the side and front.

The motorcycle is already unofficially called – Ducati Vyper or Ducati Mega Monster.

Despite the fact that most sites used to characterize the photos, the term “spy shots”, the experts suggest that in fact it is intentionally stuffing information from the Ducati, which wants to advance in such a way to arouse interest in its novelty. Hence the word “Ducati” on the jacket in the pilot.

There is still a belief that the engine for this bike will be a big V-Twin engine capacity of approximately 1400 blocks, will be branded frame Ducati, the original giant dual exhaust, very fat rear tire, inverted fork. The rest is still hard to judge.

Ducati EICMA-2010

Also appeared and a schematic drawing of the design of new motorcycle. From the explanations for it is clear that the official presentation of the machine is expected to show EICMA-2010 in Milan in November this year.


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